About us

About us

Situated at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road in Torquay, Victoria, Surfcoast Honey is a small local business owned and operated by Tony and Heather McNamara. Both long term members of the community, having raised family and worked in and around Torquay we have a passionate commitment to the local community.

This “local” ethos is reflected in our business with all of our bee hives located within 10 kilometres of the ocean, set amongst strands of local eucalyptus. Purveyors of both cold filtered and raw honey we aim to provide organic honey and beeswax products of the highest quality creating and promoting local products and honey with a local taste. All of our honey is organic straight from the hive to you.

Heat processing of honey can reduce if not destroy its nutritional value, therefore we use a cold filtering process which ensures you get all of the essential naturally occurring nutrients. Our raw unfiltered honey contains added benefits such as pollen and other components which add to the flavour.

We also supply beeswax products such as Candles, Furniture polish, both warm water and cold water Surf Wax, Dubbin for water proofing and moisturising leather, Beeswax Lip Balm, Skin Moisturiser and Organic Crayons for kids Services we offer are bee friendly swarm removal from your home or property performed with an approach to cause as little disruption as possible to both the home owner and bees. Pollination is also a service we offer to orchards and crop plantations.

If you’re a first time bee keeper and need some assistance or advice in setting up your hive then give us a call. We offer 2 x 1 hour personal one on one sessions designed to get you up and running and answer any questions you may have.

We are passionate about bees and the part they play in our environment and are passionate about the products and services we offer to the local Surfcoast and broader community.


Tony & Heather McNamara

Surfcoast Honey

Torquay, Victoria